Doctors Against Trump oval sticker

Doctors Against Trump

The organization Doctors for America is urging members of Congress to resist Donald Trump’s plans to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. The physicians’ group warns that repealing the ACA would take health care coverage away from 30 million Americans – one in ten people in the USA. Over 80 percent of those losing coverage would be low income workers, people who can’t afford to pay out of pocket.

Doctors Against Trump oval stickerDoctors for America also points out that repealing the Affordable Care Act would go against Trump’s promise to create new jobs. A repeal would destroy three million jobs, the group says.

Could the Affordable Care Act be improved? Sure. Let’s improve it, then.

Donald Trump doesn’t grasp that kind of nuance, unfortunately. He’s like a physician who, upon seeing a patient with the flu, orders euthanasia.

America needs an executive leader with more intelligence and compassion. That’s why there are growing numbers of Doctors against Trump.