Pennsylvania anti-trump bumper sticker

Pennsylvania Against Trump

In Pennsylvania, people are protesting Donald Trump’s bumbling, blustering, bigoted presidency by making their activism local. They’re overwhelming town hall meetings with Pennsylvania’s members of Congress, urging their representatives and senators to stand up and hold Donald Trump accountable.

In response, many members of Congress from Pennsylvania are trying to hide.

For example, in Philadelphia, anti-Trump activists have been holding Tuesdays with Toomey events. They’ve been trying to get Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senator Pat Toomey to meet with them, to hear their objections to the Trump agenda, but Toomey has been running and hiding to avoid them. Toomey even canceled meetings with constituents, to hold tightly controlled telephone meetings instead, just to eliminate the voice of anti-Trump protesters.

Pennsylvania anti-trump bumper stickerNow, Pat Toomey is moving his offices in the hopes that his constituents won’t be able to find him. The tactic isn’t working. Indivisible Philadelphia is holding a “house warming” protest at Senator Toomey’s new offices on March 1.

The group explains, “Have you heard? Sen. Pat Toomey is moving to a new office! Starting March 1, his Philadelphia headquarters will be at the U.S. Custom House at 200 Chestnut St. Our Tuesdays with Toomey friends will surely continue to let the Senator know his constituents are watching, but in the meantime let’s give the him a proper Old City welcome in the form of an office-warming party!”

This kind of activism is what it takes for real change to take place. We celebrate the efforts of Pennsylvania Against Trump.