Lying Donald Trump pin

How Many Lies Will Trump Tell Today?

In his campaign rally in Florida yesterday, Donald Trump suggested that there had been a terrorist attack in Sweden, but no such thing had actually happened. It turns out that Trump assumed that there had been a terrorist attack, because he saw someone on Fox News talking about Sweden. Trump is getting his information about the world from the most disreputable cable TV news channel in America, rather than from U.S. intelligence agencies.

Lying Donald Trump pinTrump’s misstatement prompted the Prime Minister of Sweden to wonder about Trump, “What has he been smoking?”

In less than one month in the White House, Donald Trump has already gained the infamous reputation of being the Liar In Chief, playing so fast and loose with the facts that journalists struggle to keep up with the presidential dishonesty. Reporters at the Washington Post found 13 distortions of the truth by Trump during the Florida rally yesterday.

My favorite fib from Trump yesterday came when Trump tried to justify his claim that journalists are “enemies of the American people” by quoting Thomas Jefferson as saying, “Nothing can be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

What Donald Trump didn’t mention is that this complaint from Jefferson came in response to news reports that Jefferson was having sex with one of his slaves, Sally Hemings. The thing is, journalists were telling the truth about Jefferson. Sally Hemings gave birth to six children as the result of a long, long sexual affair with Thomas Jefferson.

So, Donald Trump was citing an example of a time when journalists were reporting the truth about the President, claiming that it showed how much journalists lie.

The sad thing is that the red cap Trump fans in Florida didn’t know the difference. Let’s hope the rest of America cares more about the truth.