Anti-Trump lawn sign

America Can Do Better Than Trump

Look, America: This really isn’t very complicated.

Let’s put ideology aside for a moment.

Whether or not you support Trump’s plan to torture prisoners, set up secret prisons, spy on Americans’ religious practices, start a new Holy Crusade against Islam, keep child refugees locked up out of the belief that they are secretly little terrorists, give special favors to Wall Street over hard working Americans, allow corporations to spew as much pollution as they like, and disrespect women and girls in every way imaginable, there’s something you can agree with your fellow Americans about…

Anti-Trump lawn sign…Donald Trump simply doesn’t have the capability of doing well as President of the United States.

Donald Trump isn’t even close to being the best person for the job of President. He lacks the intelligence. He lacks the moral integrity. He lacks the focus. He lacks experience and tact.

Deep in your heart, you know it’s true: America can do better than Trump.