Muslims welcome neighborhood yard sign

Lawn Sign Shows: Immigrants Are Welcome Here!

Donald Trump has instituted a clumsy, unconstitutional, discriminatory executive order that institutes a Muslim ban on travel to the United States from 7 countries that don’t have any recent history of terrorist activity against the United States at all. The world has erupted in outrage and protest against Trump’s executive order. The streets have swelled with anti-Trump demonstrations. Airports have filled with protests demanding that the United States stop discriminating against perfectly peaceful people who have already been through an extreme vetting process and are in possession of green cards.

Welcome Immigrants. We are glad to have you lawn signLet’s remember: Refugees are the victims of war, not the people who wage it.

There have been absolutely zero refugees from any of the 7 banned majority-Muslim nations who have engaged in terrorist attacks here in the United States.

The Trump Administration knows this, and so they’ve started making up a new round of “alternative facts” (blatant lies) to justify their Muslim ban. This week, Kellyanne Conway started telling a ridiculous story about what she called a terrorist “Bowling Green Massacre”. The main problem with Conway’s story: There never has been any terrorist massacre in Bowling Green! She just made the story up!

America has to do better than this.

Muslims welcome neighborhood yard signMaking things better starts with you. Show that you don’t stand with the Trumpist persecution of refugees and other peaceful immigrants. These two yard signs say it clear: Immigrants are welcome here! and Muslims are welcome in this neighborhood.

Put these signs out in your front lawn to show that you will not allow the bigots of Trump’s America to discriminate without response.