resist trump lawn sign

Resist Trump!

It’s been just one week since Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States, and already, the country has descended into disaster.

Trump went ballistic when he saw millions of Americans in the street protesting against his presidency, screaming at his top aides.

Trump began with a series of bald-faced lies, destroying the credibility of White House spokesman Sean Spicer.

Trump refused to investigate the Russian attack against the United States, but pushed an investigation into crazy conspiracy theory about voter fraud promoted by right wing conspiracy theorists who were granted access to

resist trump lawn signTrump signed an executive order making religious discrimination the official policy of the USA, and the day after, an American mosque was burned down to the ground.

Trump has broken his promise to force Mexico to pay for his wasteful border wall, and is sending the bill to American taxpayers instead.

Trump has declared that he no longer cares about balanced budgets and deficit spending. He thinks it’s more important to send multi-billion dollar government contracts to the powerful corporations that supported his presidential campaign.

Trump has eliminated the ordinary civilian control over the U.S. military, weakening the barriers to rushing off to war.

Trump is wrecking American health care without having any plan to repair it again.

Trump is censoring government scientists, and allowing corporate lobbyists to write new laws that create loopholes, valuing profits over people.

Trump is refusing to release his tax returns, just weeks after promising he would do so.

Trump has refused to place his businesses in a blind trust, opening up channels through which he is openly accepting emoluments, or even downright bribes.

Trump’s approval rating has sunk down below 40 percent.

The stakes are high, but we can make a difference. The resistance against Donald Trump is gaining strength. Add your voice to this growing movement by displaying this Resist Trump yard sign in bright red, to call attention to this national emergency.