Idaho anti-trump pin

Idaho Is Rising Up Against Trump

If you want a clear picture of how widespread the popular resistance against Donald Trump is becoming, consider this: Activist groups against Donald Trump are organizing in Idaho, the reddest of the red states.

This Friday, January 27 at 4:00 in the afternoon, at the Boise Public Library, the first meeting of Boise Indivisible – a group dedicated to resisting the cruel and corrupt presidency of Donald Trump – will be held.

If you’re going to the meeting, head to the Marion Bingham Room and look for the people who haven’t abandoned their love of freedom.

Idaho anti-trump pinIf you don’t live close to Boise, don’t worry – anti-Trump groups are coming soon to an area near you. In the meantime, Idahoans can find people of like mind by taking the courageous step of speaking out first.

Make it plain where you stand by wearing this big Idaho Against Trump button wherever you go.

Yes, you’ll get some sneers and jeers, but you’ll also get in touch with others who had been too afraid to speak out against Trump’s growing fascism… until they saw you speaking first.