Oval bumper sticker Florida Against Trump

Miami Rising Up In Protest On Inauguration Day

At 6:00 in the evening on January 20, Miami is celebrating Inauguration Day. No, the people won’t be gathering to cheer the inauguration of Donald Trump as President. Instead, they will be gathering to inaugurate 4 years of resistance against the Trump Administration.

The anti-Trump protesters will gather at the Bayfront Park Ampitheater (301 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami).

The organizers of the Miami protest explain, “Since the election of Donald Trump, by the electoral college) to the presidency of the United States, the people of this country have stood up to oppose his “Top One Percent,” agenda. We believe that those in Washington and Wall street paved the way for Trump’s election. The Democratic Party did so by selecting war-mongering, corrupt Hillary Clinton as the alternative; the Republican Party did so by ignoring working class anger at the establishment. The one percent in this country laughed in the faces of the working class as they fattened their own wallets.

Oval bumper sticker Florida Against TrumpWe refuse to allow this man to use the real suffering of workers in this country as an excuse for neoconservative economic, social, and foreign policy that will only harm the working class further.

The power to stop Trump from implementing hateful, racist, anti-worker policies rests in the hands of popular people’s movements. That is why we will be in the streets on January 20, as Trump is being sworn in. We acknowledge his election, though less than 26% of eligible voters actually voted for him leaving him NO MANDATE! We oppose the policies that he and the political establishment around him wish to impose that will harm, ostracize, or ignore people. We will not stand for war, torture, or deregulation that puts our planet at increased risk. We will not stand for state violence against political activists, minorities and immigrants. We will continue to pursue peace and justice in this country, and abroad, for as long as Trump, and all other political elites, wish to take them from us.”

Get used to Florida taking a stand against Trump!