Michigan Outraged At Trump GOP Law Allowing Lead Poisoning To Continue

Donald Trump campaigned in Michigan with the promise that he would represent the interests of working Americans against political insiders.

Michigan voters are now regretting their support for Trump and his Republican followers in Congress after the House of Representatives passed a bill, the REINS Act, that is designed to sabotage the kinds of protections that keep Americans safe and healthy.

In one particular roll call vote, congressional Republicans voted specifically against an amendment to the REINS Act that would have created a small exemption from the legislation in order to ensure that protections against lead contamination in drinking water could continue.

Every single Republican member of Congress from Michigan voted against the amendment. They voted, specifically, to obstruct programs that help communities threatened by lead contamination in their drinking water – communities like Flint, Michigan.

Have these Republicans from Michigan already forgotten the terrible suffering of families from Flint, whose children have been permanently harmed by Governor Rick Snyder’s callous decision to allow lead poisoning in order to save a few dollars?

It’s hard to believe that anyone, even a powerful politician, could be so uncaring as to voluntarily expose American’s children to lead poisoning, but it’s true. Look for yourself at U.S. House Roll Call Vote 16 and you’ll see the names of every Republican U.S. Representative from Michigan: Justin Amash, Jack Bergman, Mike Bishop, Bill Huizenga, Paul Mitchell, John Moolenar, David Trott, Fred Upton, and Tim Walberg.

Look for yourself at H. Amdt 7 to H.R. 26, “to exempt rules that provide for reduction in the amount of lead in public drinking water.” It’s right there in plain English.

As U.S. Representative Hank Johnson from Georgia explained, “This amendment simply preserves current law with respect to regulations that are designed to prevent the contamination of drinking water by lead.”

Here’s the kicker: Donald Trump has promised to sign the REINS Act into law if it is passed by Congress.

As President, Donald Trump is preparing to do to America what Rick Snyder did to Flint, Michigan.