stop Republican elephant pin

Stop The Raging Republican Elephant

Can you remember when the Republican Party claimed to stand for moral values? That position now seems laughable, as the Republican Party stampedes across all boundaries of decency under the chaotic leadership of Donald Trump.

This week, we learned from a declassified intelligence report that Trump only became President with the help of Russian spies sent out to attack the United States on direct orders from Vladimir Putin. Trump still refuses to criticize Putin. Why?

stop Republican elephant pinAlso this week, the Republicans in Congress passed the REINS Act, a terrifying bill that will destroy the government’s power to protect babies from poisonous formula, increase the risk of nuclear meltdown, expose coal miners to unsafe working conditions, allow the transportation of hazardous substances through unregulated pipelines, and permit lead in families’ drinking water without new safety rules.

Now the Republicans are promoting huge spending projects to enrich corrupt corporations that will put America trillions of dollars in debt, while at the same time destroying Social Security and Medicare, the programs that keep America’s senior citizens safe and well cared for.

These are not family values. Wear this button proudly to stand up to the beast that the Republican Party has become.