anti-corruption bumper sticker

The Swamp of Corruption Is Spreading Under Trump

Remember when Donald Trump promised that he would drain the swamp of corruption in Washington DC?

Trump hasn’t even taken the Oath of Office yet, but he has chosen a Cabinet full of corrupt billionaires, forced foreign diplomats into business deals with his Trump-brand companies, and refused to put those businesses in a blind trust.

Now it seems as if the Republican Party in general are following the corrupt lead of Donald Trump straight into the swamp.

anti-corruption bumper stickerThis morning, America learned that a committee of Republicans in Congress met behind closed doors and conducted a secret vote to include a provision in a larger piece of legislation that will obstruct the Office of Congressional Ethics in the House of Representatives. Under these new rules, first proposed by Republican U.S. Bob Goodlatte, Republicans in the lower house of Congress will be free to engage in whatever corrupt practices they like, as only their own Republican Party bosses will retain any power to stand in the way of their dirty deals.

Under Donald Trump, it’s as if they fox is guarding the henhouse. To take a stand against corruption in Washington DC, we have to stand against Trump.