Anti-Trump students

Students Against Trump

Why would students oppose Donald Trump? Why wouldn’t they?

A group of students organizing a protest in Chicago after Election Day 2016 explained, “18-24 years old voted for an electoral sweep against Trump. Older citizens, among other demographics, decided this election in his favor. We are the future of this nation, and we will make it known on Friday where we stand and where we will take our nation. Donald Trump embodies the qualites that Americans and humans should band together against.”

Anti-Trump studentsA student leader in Santa Barbara speaks to other students across the country, saying, “Inhale love; exhale hatred. You are not alone. You have people here that are going to support you through the next four years.”

Now is not the time for us to give up hope. Now is the time for people, young and old together, to resolve to stick it out for the long haul – against Trump.