Dragon Slayers anti-Trump button

Dragon Slayers Against Trump

Once upon a time, knights would suit up in shining armor to venture out on quests to defeat dangerous beasts that threatened their lands. These days, we don’t see any actual dragons, but a darkness has fallen upon the United States nonetheless.

Dragon Slayers anti-Trump buttonWith the narrow election of Donald Trump as President, the USA has been cast into a state of infamy and disorder. Oligarchs use their power to exploit the working people of our country, as Trump prepares for a regime of torture and war, while allowing corporations to spew poisons into the air and water on the slightest whim, and preparing to set up a system of religious government in which non-Christians are subject to persecution whether they are citizens or not.

The dragon slayers of our time won’t be cutting off the heads of dragons. Instead, they will be seen in the streets carrying signs of resistance to the rule of Trump, defying his orders, breaking the new rules that punish dissent.