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Join Patriots Against Trump

Donald Trump had promised that, after 140 of stalling and making excuses, he would finally hold a press conference yesterday. Trump broke his promise. He delayed accountability yet again, and instead of holding a press conference, he went off to another one of those rallies where his supporters scream and shout, and Trump screams and shouts back at them.

You’ve seen what happens at these rallies. Trump’s supporters roar with approval as their authoritarian leader proposes doing the most terrible things – torture, closing down dissident newspapers, engaging in massive religious discrimination, even assassinating children for the mistakes of their parents. These things are directly in opposition to the freedoms guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights, yet Trump supporters don’t seem to care about that.

oval anti-trump bumper stickerIn fact, in a grotesque distortion, they will wave American flags and shout “USA!” while applauding the most anti-American plans Trump can devise.

True patriotism takes a lot more than just waving a flag and shouting out the name of your country as if it’s a sports team.

True patriotism means standing up against unjust leaders. It means holding true to the values of your nation, even when that nation has been taken over by powerful individuals who don’t care about those values. Patriots question authority. They protest when their government is in the wrong. True patriots do not give in to despotism, even when the going gets hard.

Today, the true patriots not found in Trump rallies. The true patriots of our time are taking a stand against Donald Trump.

Please, do your part to stand with patriots against Trump.