Is Trump Building a Cabinet of the Insane?

It was unsettling enough when President-Elect Donald Trump began sending out series of furious paranoid tweets in the middle of the night, making delusional claims that that were completely unconnected to reality.

It grew worse when Trump nominated James Mattis, a man who has made gleeful declarations about how much fun it is to kill people, to become Secretary of Defense.

People had already begun to notice that something was frighteningly off balance about Donald Trump’s appointments when Trump’s choice for National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, began to spread crazy stories that Hillary Clinton had secretly established a criminal child sex ring in the basement of a pizza parlor.

Concerns about the mental health of the Trump Administration’s leadership were ripe when Trump chose Steve Bannon, a man who established a web site to promote the ideology of American Nazis, people who actually shout out “Heil Trump” and “Sieg Heil” while giving stiff-armed Nazi salutes and scrawling swastikas, to be his senior White House political advisor.

Now, Donald Trump has put the cherry on top of this lunatic Swamp Cabinet. He has nominated Ryan Zinke, a one-term Congressman who insists that climate research isn’t real and who has been photographed crawling on the floor of his congressional office like a dog while holding a combat knife in his mouth, to be Secretary of the Interior.

Americans are left powerless to do anything but watch, wondering: Is it that Donald Trump is trying to appoint a Cabinet stuffed with people who are psychologically unstable, or is it simply that only people who have a touch of insanity are willing to accept a post in the Trump Administration?