Environmentalist Anti-Trump bumper sticker

Tree Huggers Against Donald Trump

Today, Donald Trump nominated Scott Pruitt, an Oklahoma Attorney General who has been filing lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of big oil corporations in order to prevent any action on climate change, to become the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Like Donald Trump, Scott Pruitt wants to revoke as many anti-pollution laws as possible, allowing corporations to spew filth into the air, water and earth like they did back in the early Industrial Revolution.

Under Pruitt, the EPA will become the Environmental Pollution Agency.

Environmentalist Anti-Trump bumper stickerNot only do Pruitt and Trump want to poison our the countryside, they want to allow companies to cut down our National Forests to make a quick profit, without regard for the longterm consequences. They say these drastic measures will improve the economy, but what they mean is that a few wealthy investors will make a killing, while the rest of us are forced to pay the costs of a barren landscape filled with toxins.

It’s time for sensible Americans to stand up and say no, that it’s not okay for big corporations to dump pollutants out onto the rest of us in the quest for profits without social responsibility. Trump and his Republican followers in Congress won’t like it when we stand up to their anti-enviroment bullying. They’ll call us tree huggers.

Fine. Call us tree huggers.

If the alternative to hugging a tree is raping the land, I know what side I’m on.

Count me as one among the Tree Huggers Against Trump!