Trump Regret

Don’t Blame Me. I Voted For Clinton.

Donald Trump isn’t even a full month into being President Elect yet, and already, the United States is falling into mayhem. There are swastikas and gangs of people running around shouting “Sieg Heil”. There are attacks against ethnic and cultural minorities. Foreign leaders are openly ridiculing Trump, as he puts his ignorance and inability up for international display. There’s open corruption sweeping through Washington D.C. between Trump and his business partners, and the President-Elect is taking to telling outright lies while threatening to revoke the citizenship of political dissidents in America.

On Twitter #trumpregret is one of the trending hashtags, as Americans who voted for Donald Trump are beginning to realize the serious mistake that they made. “I’m sorry,” they’re saying. “I didn’t realize that Donald Trump would be such a terrible leader. I was just trying to send a message.”

The message Trump supporters have sent about themselves is plain: They couldn’t be bothered to think things through, and have made America a laughingstock as a result.

Trump RegretSo, what can we do, now that the United States America is falling apart, while Donald Trump keeps roaring that, somehow, despite all available evidence, he has made it great again?

The Republicans have all the political power in their hands. So, as they wreck our once-proud democracy, all that the rest of us can do is shrug our shoulders and say, “Don’t blame me. I voted for Clinton.”