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Question Trump

There’s a great deal of angst amongst American journalists these days. They’re wondering how Donald Trump, a man who has so blatantly, frequently, and shamelessly told obvious falsehoods to the American people, could possibly have been elected President.

The first thing to remember is that actually, most Americans thoroughly disapprove of Donald Trump and everything that he stands for. The majority of voters in the 2016 presidential election voted against Trump – by a margin of 2.5 million votes!

The second thing to remember is that many of Trump’s supporters purposefully avoid encounters with accurate facts. They swarm to web sites like Breitbart, the online headquarters of American Nazism. Those people are never going to be reached by professional journalism – and that’s their fault, not the fault of journalists.

The third thing to remember is that most Americans who voted for Donald Trump now feel a deep sense of shame for doing so. #trumpregret is a trending hashtag on Twitter for a reason.

Question Donald TrumpSo, what it boils down to is this: American journalists simply need to do their jobs. Along with American voters, they need to question Trump, and when Trump tries to avoid their questions by running over to Twitter, journalists need to share the news on social media about Trump’s cowardly avoidance of serious questioning by the American people.

Like a vampire in the sunlight, Donald Trump withers to nothing when in the presence of facts and questions.