anti-trump protest in chicago

Donald Trump Too Afraid Of Peaceful Protesters To Come To Chicago

Donald Trump had planned to come to Chicago today as part of a “victory tour”… although he lost the popular vote by a margin of more than two and a half million votes.

Then, Chicago residents heard about Trump’s plans, and they prepared a “Welcoming Committee”. A huge number of protesters came together, prepared to confront Trump with the reality that a majority of Americans disapprove of him and his political agenda.

Donald Trump then did what bullies always do when they are confronted. He ran away with his tail between his legs.

Trump has canceled his Chicago appearance. He just couldn’t handle seeing a large group of people who are too smart to fall for his nationalistic bluster.

Chicago stood up to Donald Trump, and Trump fell apart. As one of the organizers of today’s protest said, “Chicago knows how to deal with fascists. This won’t blow over. Our city is off limits.”