Witches Oppose Donald Trump

Witches Against Trump

Witches aren’t the cackling, green-skinned, black hat wearing people that Halloween mythology makes them out to be. They’re a cultural minority, practicing their own kind of religion, one that the Christian majority has long persecuted.

Because of their own history, witches have a good understanding of what American Muslims and other cultural minority groups are are going through under Donald Trump. That’s not to say that they’re completely harmless. Cross a witch, and you never know – she might do what’s in her power to cross you back.

Witches Oppose Donald TrumpThat’s certainly the attitude of Let’s Curse Trump, who are seeking to craft spells of one sort or another, such as a Hex of Obsolescence, against the President Elect.

Whether you go that way or not, you can be proud of continuing your own unconventional path when you wear this political button announcing you to be one among the Witches Against Trump