Spartacus Mosque

I Am Spartacus. I Am A Member Of The Spartacus Mosque.

We all like to think that, if we lived in Germany in the 1930s, we would courageously stand up to the Nazis. Would we really? Would we really stick our necks out for our Jewish neighbors? Today we have a test of this self-image. Will we stand up for our Muslim neighbors as the new government of Donald Trump is actively planning to create a forced registry of all American Muslims?

If you are willing to take a risk, and compromise your cultural privilege as a non-Muslim, then sign the protest registry at Spartacus Mosque as a preemptive strike against religious bigotry.

No, you are not a Muslim, but when our government announces it is time for Muslims to give up their religious liberty, will you stand with them? Will you stand up and say “I am a Muslim too, so take my name for your registry first,” or will you stand by quietly, allowing the abuse of others while you remain in your privileged position?

The time for activist fantasies about what we would’ve done if we lived in Nazi Germany is over. The time is now to make a real stand. What will you do?

As for me, I am Spartacus. I am a member of the Spartacus Mosque.