Resist Trump Lawn Sign

Resist Trump Yard Sign

In the traditional way of doing things, now is the time of year when people take the political yard signs out of their lawns.

2016 cannot be a traditional year, because Donald Trump is defying all the traditional boundaries of how an incoming President of the United States should behave.

Resist Trump Lawn SignDonald Trump is appointing a slate of extremist to his new White House, including several people who can only fairly be described as neoNazis: Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, and Frank Gafney among them.

Trump has promised to use torture at whim, to institute a regime of religious bigotry against Muslims and other non-Christians, and to unleash the massive burning of fossil fuels to accelerate climate change. Trump appears to have cooperated with the government of Russia to illegally spy on Americans and interfere with the American election. Trump is not even sworn into office yet, and already he is under investigation for ethics violations, sexual assault and criminal fraud.

This is no time for silence. Let it be known that your household will not stand for the shameful agenda of Donald Trump.

Place this sign out in your yard to show that you will Resist Trump.