Crumple Trump Bumper Sticker

Crumple Trump

The grassroots resistance to Donald Trump is peaceful. We do not threaten and attack out political opponents.

However nonviolent we are, we are also not passive. We are not going to sit around and allow Donald Trump to bully us into silence.

The truth is that, like most bullies, Donald Trump is a paper tiger.

Trump blusters and rants and waves his little hands around because he’s desperately insecure and afraid that people will realize how weak he is.

Crumple Trump Bumper StickerTrump is clearly a weak man. Mentally, he can’t focus. Physically, Trump is in terrible health. Emotionally, he’s out of control of his own mind.

Every human being deserves compassion. The compassionate approach to Donald Trump doesn’t involve hugs and coddling, though. Trump is a danger to himself, and to us all.

What Donald Trump needs more than anything else is to be taken out of the White House, where he is in over his head. He needs to simply retire to one of his many luxury homes, or maybe a yacht, and spend the rest of his life in psychotherapy.

Before this can be possible for Donald Trump, he needs an intervention. Americans need to rise up and make it clear to him that we see through his facade.

We need to crumple the paper tiger, so that the remnants of humanity hiding behind it can emerge, stop threatening people, and step out of the spotlight to be healed.

We need to Crumple Trump.

(Bumper Sticker inspired by Crumple Trump web site.)